Sunday, July 5, 2009

Isn't it strange how beautiful the written word is? I find my eye is drawn to all kinds of text and type. It must have the same effect on lots of other people as so many of us use it in our art work. I see cut out pages of text in the shape of angel wings and lots of text used as backgrounds. I don't have a tattoo (nor do I ever plan on getting one because I think I would be totally bored with it after the first year) BUT if I did get one it would be some phrase or word nicely scribed onto my body, something I could live with forever and ever and never tire of looking at it. I especially like the writings on the backs of old postcards and letters, before we simplified it with the modern pen and pencil. Once simplified we multiplied it! We can get writing utensils in any color, or shape. I love to doodle words and characters of the alphabet when there is a pen and paper in front of me and I don't have anything else to do with my hands. It's nice. I remember my mom doing the same thing when I was a little girl. Constant doodling of words. I honestly even like the look of graffiti words even thou they are done illegally. I think that someday I'll sit by the train tracks and just photograph the "art" as it goes by. I love signs, especially if they are old and weathered. How about simple jewelry inscribed or stamped with a single word that seems to sum up the whole universe. Quotes. I am constantly taking notes of quotes. I just love what other people have to say and how beautiful it can sound when it stands alone. How inspiring a simple sentence can be. I think it would be wonderful to write a book someday and have my words forever in print somewhere. Maybe in 100 years someone will cut them out and make angel wings out of them.....


  1. Oooh I love the Angel, she's so pretty.....
    Seeing as you like quotes so much here's another.
    "The True Sign of Intelligence,
    Is Not Knowledge
    But Imagination"
    Albert Einstein

  2. I really love Corid's work too. She does beautiful art in the most unusual way. Thanks for the quote! I have not heard that one yet!

  3. Hi Stacey! And thank you for your lovely comment. The picture of a fairy is very beautiful and artistic. The artist is very talented!!!

    Hugs, minnamarika


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