Monday, July 27, 2009

See the small space between these 2 cats? That is were I was laying trying to breathe! ha. I had to white out my hubby because he was shirtless and would of been embarrassed to be on the internet~ I know my big boy is FAT. It's really not good for him but he eats everything he finds, even inanimate objects! Valentine is always guarding her food boy if he is around. Poor guy. He was orphaned at birth and I bottle fed him so I think he will always feel like he is hungry since he couldn't nurse from a momma cat whenever he wanted as a kitten. Notice the doggie steps on the right. Val can't use them at all now but the cats still love them. I recommend them to any pet owners as it's so much better for them then jumping on & off the bed. Even for the cats, as they also get arthritis as they age.

Today I have my evaluation at work. I have been there over 16 years and have never had any negative comments. This one I worry about because it's been a tough year to stay positive and we have had many, many changes that I really don't care for. I have also struggled with one of my doctors who just happens to be the owner. I don't really believe in him anymore, which is very disappointing to me. He disappoints me is really what I should say, so, I have been entertaining the idea of moving on. I really love the girls I work with but I am thinking if I get my first negative comment that may be a good sign that it's time.....if I'm showing how I'm feeling inside-on the outside-then I don't belong there anymore.

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  1. Oh Stacey - I soooo hope your evaluation goes well and that he picks up his game!
    Nicola xx


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