Friday, July 31, 2009

Photos to brag about......

I love The Pioneer Woman. She recently blogged about "Bokeh". I think I get it, so I've tried setting the camera to make bokeh on my photos. The above collage....trying to achieve bokeh. For one, I can't seem to get my aperture low enough so I'm not sure I have a small enough lens. I'm going to keep trying. I was happy that some of them even looked like good photos. Others were too light or too dark but hey, manual setting, and they are all in focus so I'm not complaining! I am usually an all out auto user when it comes to my Canon. (Did you notice Valentine got an ugly haircut? Yep, I did that too. Poor old girl! I should at least give her a pretty bandanna or something....)

This old bank sign was in this garage when we bought our property. I think it's beautiful and wanted to incorporate into our home somehow. Maybe as part of the ceiling or high on the wall. I'm into decorating using a little bit of old, mixed with new. My husband really hates anything old, anything distressed, anything with character! Needless to say I lost out on using it when we built our home. He told me today he was going to burn the sign. I convinced him to post it on Craig's List and see if someone would buy it. I could of gotten better photos of it had he left it inside the garage but he didn't want me to take any pictures in "his" domain so instead I have shadows from the pine tree on it. Isn't it beautiful all the same?! I think it would be lovely in a restaurant even.

This little beaver was trying to get in our window of our basement! My son took this photo with his cell phone and it's a tad blurry. We wondered if he truly wanted to come in or he was just seeing his reflection in the glass and pawing at it? I love living in the woods! It's so fun! We get to experience lots of critters and that is right up my alley!

My mom works with a lady named Joy, who was originally from China. I have never met Joy. My mom talks about me making art so Joy sent home with my mom several of the paintings her mother did for me to see. They were all so gorgeous! When my mom returned the paintings to Joy and told her of my compliments on her mothers work she sent this one back for me to keep! How gracious! If I remember correctly her mom is no longer living and I was really moved to tears that she would want me to have something so precious. I really think it is so beautiful! I love the colors, they are so vibrant and just pop off the page. I framed it in a brown mat and I'm going to get a 16x20 black frame for it.

Here is a close up of the main flower.

This is the whole painting along with her mom's signature, written in Chinese. It is on rice paper.

Look how beautiful the leaves are.....

I had to share this amazing piece of art and I'm really so lucky to have it. I'm thinking of scanning it into my computer and shrinking it down to make a charm for my mom to take back to Joy as a personal thank you from me.
PS. I just have to comment that I'm so happy that Blogger has spell check! I can't believe how many words I misspell sometimes, and I would be so embarrassed to print them that way! At times they are simple words that I KNOW how to spell and my mind just makes up whatever it thinks is better and then when spell check shows me the correct spelling I have to hit my forehead and exclaim, "I knew that!" (Just had to get that off my chest! ha )

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  1. Beautiful chinese painting - what a special gift! And as always I enjoy your photography! Tell Valentine it will grow...I've done the same to Mackey before too. :)


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