Saturday, January 2, 2010

Great first day of 2010

I started off the new year with a fun filled day.  I went to a New Year's Day Auction with my friend Donna.  My first purchase was 16 rings for $11.  Most are costume jewelry but I fell in love instantly with this pinkie ring with Jesus on it.  It's from Italy as that is all that is stamped on the underside.  Also you will notice in the photo the green & white squares.  We bought this very unusual chess set that appears to be made of jade or ivory but I couldn't tell you for sure.  We went in on it together and paid $30 a piece which is a total bargain.  We are going to try to resale it and hopefully find out it's worth a lot more than we paid for it.  Of course, I know ZIPPO about antiques so I'll keep you posted on what we discover.  Too bad The Antique Roadshow is not in the KCMO area anytime soon.

Donna bought a really old airplane peddle car.  It's red and very cute!  She only paid $100 for it.  We decided it would look really great as a picture prop for children.  I can't wait to try it out! 

My husband and I topped off the evening with dinner and a movie with friends.  We seen the Sherlock Holmes movie.  It was good, a bit long but everything explained well.  Of course they left the ending for a part II. 

Today is my family Christmas party (we had to postpone due to the blizzard over Christmas).  I'm making homemade bread (1st time ever!) and going to try to organize a few places around my house today.  I'm sure the day will go by super duper fast and I won't get anything done at all.  Such is life.  I love it! 


  1. Hi Stacey,
    Thank you for your visit. It's always lovely to meet new people on blogging!:)
    I also love auctions and markets. I could spend hours looking for a bargain. I have not seen the Sherlock Holmes movie yet but I will sometime. I use to like the old Sherlock movies.;)
    Very Best wishes for the New Year.
    I hope to see you again in blog land!

  2. Great ring - my mum gave me a St Christpher ring and I wear it all the time. You can't really see the St but I know he's there (just like real life!)
    Hope you net pots of cash with the Chess board find :)
    Nic x


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