Sunday, January 31, 2010

I ♥ ______________

I (heart) ______________. (not in any certain order)
I Sunny days.
I Vivid Colors.
I Dogs!
I a clean house.
I Family.
I My Husband.
I   Meaningful Friends.
I Sweets.
I The Beach.
I Vacation!
I Making Things.
I God.
I The Stars.
I Seeing Movies.
I Music.
I Love Notes.
I Presents.
I Cats.
I Photography.
I DayDreams
I Sleeping In.
I Open Windows.
I Long Walks.
I Snowmen.
I Blogs and Blogging!
I Happiness.
I Peace.
I Cloud Pictures.
I Babies!
I So many people, so many things, so many places.............. my is filled with LOVE. 

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  1. And I ♥ your blog and the picture of Valentine in his Glasses
    Nic xx


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