Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poster Magic

I was asked by my boss to make a poster for a fundraiser for our local dog park.  When I went to my local arts and crafts supply store they had 50% off of poster art.  I thought what a fun background to work with for my own poster.  The poster is of the woman walking the dog with the French word for French Rivera up the right side. Everything else I added for our benefit.  I had to add food labels & other supporter remarks.  I did all this right on the plastic so when the fundraiser is over I can tear the plastic off and have a nice poster for my house.  I think I will find some good dog quotes and carry on the concept before I frame it and write up the leash and around with a quote or poem.  I thought I would share the idea in case any of you have to make posters too.  Have fun! Too bad you do not live close enough to attend the Chili Dog Dinner for the Dog Park.  My husband will be Clifford again this year. I'll take lots of pics, I promise!


  1. What a great idea...I'm in charge of promotng a fashion show fundraiser. I might just have t find myself a poster that would work for that. The poster you chose is tres chic!

  2. sounds like fun, I have 2 ten year old dogs, Molly and Kuta, (they are the other hairy children of mine!)


  3. The poster looks great! I hope the fundraiser goes well!

  4. Very chic poster you have found :)I like it alot! I shall translate my posts in the future also in english. I am glad that you wrote me about it. Have a wonderful week, my friend!

    P.S. Valentine looks so cute with those sunglasses :))


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