Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayerful Moments

Colton had his surgery today and all went well.  He ended up with double hernias.  Poor guy.  While we were in the waiting room and he was in surgery an alarm went off and over the loud speaker they announced CODE BLUE, INFANT...CODE BLUE, INFANT.  My heart sank with worry as I envisioned it could be Colton.  Then the thought of:      if it wasn't Colton it was still someone's baby. 

Jim and I have often discussed how blessed we are that we have not had to endure some of the painful situations and hardships that we know other people are faced with.  We think of ourselves as lucky even.  Then, the other day in church our pastor said, "Those of you that are never faced with grief and hardships may consider yourselves lucky but how do you know that those that are faced with grief and hardships are not closer to God and are the lucky one's?  He may be pulling them closer to Him thru their suffering?"  This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your Word has given me life.  Psalm 119:50  That is a powerful thought.  I could totally see that to be true as it is in my deepest dispair that I cry out with ALL my heart and soul for my Lord. 

I'm not saying we NEVER face a hardship but wow!  compared to some we have NEVER faced a hardship.  Haiti is a good example and I hear those people praising the Lord thru song and I am inspired.  I listen to Steven Curtis Chapman sing his song about his little girl and how Heaven is the face of a little girl...  

I'm left speechless.  I can only pray for those that are hurting, grieving and suffering.

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  1. Hope little Colton heals well.He is a cutie


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