Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drama on Thursday!

I had a very upsetting day today! I thought I was having back pain and then about 20 minutes later full fledged chest pain. Very scary! I didn't think "heart attack" since I had a full heart workup in October and it was perfect. I have GERD and assumed it was reflux from that but I was in so much pain. Way more than usual and it just wouldn't go away with my acid medication. Well after 4 hours and an afternoon doctor's visit they are thinking I have gall bladder issues. Tomorrow morning it's off to an ultrasound to check it out. Feeling better tonight, still have some nausea and small amount of discomfort but not like this morning. I'm drained from all the drama! The girls I work with were so good to me today...I think I scared them all. Hopefully, I'll have some answers in the morning and I also hope nothing messes up my evening plans with my girlfriends. Wow, have a birthday and your body just falls apart! ha.

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  1. Oh, I hope everythings okay! I'll send a prayer up for you!


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