Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Each day our Missouri weather is getting warmer & warmer. Spring is here and I have Spring Fever! Friday I went I took some dog photos for a good friend of mine and caught these 2 girls watching the ducks. I love the backs of children. I have some really cute photos of my own kids as they were growing up and when you only see their backside I think it puts it into more perspective how tiny they really are. I am anxious to get some time and maybe Photoshop this one some. I have a new Photoshop tutorial that I have tried to watch a few times and always have to turn it off for one reason or another! I will post my "after" product if I ever get it done.

Today will be a gruelling day at work. We have a meeting from 10am-4pm on customer service. I hope it is interesting enough to keep my eyelids from drooping and my mind from wondering. After 16 years on the job I often feel like I've heard it all........how sad it that?! I should pray for a renewed spirit. I would love to climb into this photo right now and just be one of these girls without an agenda and the only goal to giggle and enjoy the day.

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  1. That picture is so Darling - reminds me of Pooh Sticks (wonder if they're playing) :)


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