Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feeling creative

Every once in a while my hubby and I will go see a movie. We like to pick the late one's so we can go next door and spend an hour or more in Barnes & Nobel. Then we look through the books. He usually looks at the Home stuff and I will roam the whole store but usually end up in the crafts.
Last night I found this really neat magazine. I would of liked to have bought it but I had already picked out another book. We don't even usually buy any books-we just look. Besides, if I can have a few extra computer minutes I may be able to find some really outstanding blogs on my own; like I already have! I read a few blogs that Somerset had printed in this issue. One in particular was really nice and I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the blog but it talked about how woman are connecting from all over the world with their blogs and how most women love to check the comments. I know I do. Friendships are forming across the miles that are very meaningful to most. If you get a chance to look through this magazine I really think you will like it & some of the points it has picked up on in other's blogs. We are a creative species with some wonderful thoughts and ideas at times.

This is the book I found & had to have. I don't so much like the odd & curious as the beautiful. This has a bit of everything & really good detailed instructions. I really like this line that North Light Books has come up with. All of them are good quality books with great photos and the artist seem to be "people like me". Just self taught, making this and that and unlike me, actually learning to make a living at it. They have another book on the shelf that I wanted and will try to save for. I can't remember the name of it (guess I need to start jotting this stuff down if I'm going to get anywhere!) My first book from this publisher was: I have used it so much and made a few really beautiful things for gifts from the ideas I have gotten from this book. They all just seem to tie in with my love of auctions and old things~to making something that can be worn or displayed with the treasures I find. I really need to get a few more tools so I can do more of the projects in these 2 books and come up with some of my own ideas as well. Today will be a good day to "play" indoors. Even though it is spring they are talking about another winter storm due to arrive in a couple of hours. I have plenty to do indoors, and not all of it will be housework. :)


  1. Some fabulous books there :)
    I might have to get one of those pretty little things books myself!
    The doll with legs on the front of the Altered Curiosities book is really scary ~ there was something similar on Toy Story & even though she was a good dolly, she still gave me the heebies. That one look s like cross between Chucky & Pinhead ;)
    Hope you enjoyed the film, what did you see?
    Nic xx

  2. Nic- I know that doll is wicked! But you would have to read what she wrote about to understand it's meaning. It's a neat book so far! We seen 12 Rounds (action) and it was pretty good. My hubby & I like John Cena. If you watched Speed & liked it you would like this movie. Take care! Stacey

  3. Hubby loves action movies like that his favourite was "Crank" so I'll suggest it to him :)


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