Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miss Frenchie's April in Paris

There was great weather last night for us to attend the show. We arrived 30 minutes early and good thing too because the line was very, very long and we were one of the 1st one's in. I was surprised the prices on most things were very reasonable. It really was a good time. Smaller than I thought but still worth going too!I don't have a picture of Robin since she is the one that took this with her cute little camera phone. This is my friends Donna & Brenda, I'm in the middle.This photo is blurred but you can see all the "stuff" in the back ground. Of course, it was all right up my ally! I forgot my camera but I did take some photos with my friend's. I wish I had them to upload!
The girls bought me this really neat tin. I'm going to go home and try to find some neat branches or twigs to go in it. I can't decide it I want to put it outside or inside.
I did find a few treasures to play with. These optometrist lenses and crystals and I found this chain for my soldered charms. I was very inspired from some of the art I saw. Too bad I have to work today~guess it all can't be play time! I did feel great all day today.

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  1. Love those lenses and the big huge crystal bling :)
    Nic x


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