Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is Good!

This is a photo of my Dad & my older sister Debbie and me. I was only a few months old here-I'm the chubby, bald baby! What a crack up!
Today is my Birthday. I have always loved my birthday because there is no other day of the year that makes me feel so special and loved by so many.

I have a few memorable ones but they pretty much have all been wonderful. I've been very blessed through out my whole life.

My parents always made a cake and got a gift for starters. My Grandma would always send a card with a $3 check in it. She did that clear up until she went into a nursing home & then I think my Grandpa tried to do it a couple of years but with so many grand children he couldn't keep up. My Mrs. Rice would always send me a card with $20 in it- even when I was in grade school that is what she would do! There was the time my Aunt Georgia called me to wish me a happy birthday. That was out of the blue and I had not seen or heard from her in years so that will always stick out as very special to me. She is gone now. My sisters always remember and call me and sometimes my little sister Shannon would make me cupcakes. My husband almost always tries to make it very special. The grandest was the surprise cruise for my 40th but that one will be hard to top for years to come. I share my birthday with my youngest son (step) and so that has been very cool. When I was a single mother and had my own apartment Cory's grandma would leave me a little gift on my car as a surprise. My 21st birthday the whole plant I worked at decorated the street with signs all the way into work! I was the youngest person working there so they had a big "Do not enter unless your 21 or over" sign on all the doors. That was a very fun time. We of course had to go clubbing that evening to celebrate!

This year my cousin who lives in California has sent me a surprise letter and 4 handmade bracelets so I'm feeling spoiled already! I will work for a few hours this morning. My husband has taken the day off to be with me so we will try to do something together for the afternoon and then dinner tonight with our son for his birthday. It will be a good day. Life is Good!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you! I hope it is a wonderful and special day!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday :)
    Happy UN-Birthday from me (as I missed the real one)


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