Thursday, April 9, 2009


I learned to paint when I was in my early 20's and I have never looked at the sky the same way since. It's magical how many shades of color & intensities can be all thrown together to make an amazing sky. Our sun sets this week have been beautiful. These things always draw me closer to God & make me reflect on life. I read a daily devotion called Our Daily Bread. (They are free to everyone by going to ) Although I am not good about reading them daily- I love to read a few stories at a time. The one I read today says:

"When we try to imagine the immensity of God's heavens, our problems indeed seem trivial. Yet God doesn't think so! With all the galaxies He has to attend to, God is mindful of us. And not only are we on His mind, He cares for us."

If you ever watched Superman- (I think it was the first one with Christopher Reeves) there is a part in the movie where he flies into outer space & he kind of just "gets comfortable" up there and you see him listening to what all he hears from earth- the smallest of voices, people asking him for help, etc. That part of the movie really made me think of God and how it must be for Him. It's hard for us little bitty humans to think He hears our prayers and request but He does.

I felt some discouragement today as I got the mail and my son got a letter from the fire station. It simply said they thanked him for his participation in their interview process and they were placing his name on an eligibility list which will be utilized to fill future vacancies for a period of 1 year. I know he was disappointed and will have to figure out what next. It was not the news I wanted either but I was thankful that they didn't seem to totally write him off. I'm sure the Lord has something good in mind for him and this was just a step on the ladder towards whatever that may be.
"If God sees the sparrow's fall, paints the lilies short & tall, Gives the skies their azure hue, will He not care for you?"

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