Sunday, May 31, 2009

Islamorada Fish Company

Jim took me to the Islamorada Fish Company last night. It is inside our newly built Bass Pro Shop. He has been wanting to go for a few months now but I don't like sea food and I've been putting him off. Bad me! We had the best time and it really has the neatest atmosphere. (I had chicken but his fish was yummy and if we go back I'll get that!) I felt like I was at a restaurant in Myrtle Beach. It was very nautical. There is a 13,000 gallon salt water aquarium that is really beautiful. I took all of these with my cell phone so they are not the greatest. I would like to bring my "real" camera with me next time so I can give you all some good eye candy. We didn't get seated by the aquarium but we did sit right beside the 12 ft. fireplace. I really loved all the decor. The lights are all old looking lanterns or dock/pier lights. Our window looked out onto the balcony that seats 125 and that overlooks the 18 acre lake. Bass Pro has done a really remarkable job with all the landscaping and the interior decorator has my vote! Even the bathrooms have the neatest design as the stalls are metal and then patinas in different hues. I would like to copy that effect for our bar we are creating in our basement someday. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a nautical theme down there since I am so drawn to it! They took maps and painted pictures in one corner and then matted and framed with a fishing lures at the bottom. So neat looking. I'm going to try it. I'll be looking for maps now at the auctions I go to! (Something else for me to collect, since I seem to be a collector vs. a creator/artist! ha) They also have numerous fishing photos framed through out the store and restaurant. I suggest if you ever have a chance to eat there that you take it. They have a few locations in USA.


  1. We have one here in AZ too. It is really good sea food, which I never in the mood for it but once I get it I alway say why do I not order this more often. Thanks for the support about the dog left in the car I am still shaking and It always makes you second guess yourself when someone comes on to you so strong and with such anger . But it would never stop me from trying to help a defenseless creature. My husband said I should not have been surprised by their response he said after all anyone so ignorant to leave their dog in the car in heat would be to stupid to see why that was wrong. Julie

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and a tasty treat too! From the post above it looks like you've been doing your Animal Angel rescue routine again....YAY!! I think you should have one of those shirts with a big S on (but maybe not have to wear your underwear on the outside) ;)
    Nic xx


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