Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today I decided to make a list. My husband has been stressed and I told him it's because he has so many projects started. He needs to make a list and then get one thing done at a time. Right now he is in the middle of restoring a 1991 truck, finishing our basement, cleaning out our ditch, re-doing our driveway and that is just some of the things I can think of. All his projects are HUGE! He also has a bunch of people wanting his help with their projects. Jim is a very handy guy and I don't think there is anything he does not know how to do and he works so many hours on his job. That is why I always wish I could help out more financially so he wouldn't feel so burdened. Maybe one day I will. Right now I think I cost more than I contribute! :) He would surely agree!!!

I have had almost a whole week off of work since I had surgery on Tuesday. I was more painful than the doctor let on that I would be and so I didn't get near as much done as I had hoped but the past couple of days have been somewhat productive. I have to laugh because I guess I am a lot like my husband. I started a number of things and finished NONE of them!
  • I started a little 3x5 canvas painting of Valentine.

  • I embossed velvet and cut out some pillows, pinned the fabric together to sew later.

  • I cut & filed some brass and copper to make a pendant or pin but that is as far as I got.

  • I made 3 Bingo charms but they still need to be soldered.

  • I printed several charm size photos and cut them out & they lay in a pile.

  • I took a little pig I got at my last auction and made some plaster wings for him that I painted and a twirly wire tail, I glued everything on but still want to fashion a big cone type birthday hat for him so he is unfinished....

  • I fired some PMC that I had previously made only to watch it flop! I think I'm making my stuff to thin and my bezels are breaking off when I burnish them.

  • I took photos that I'm going to eventually make note cards out of. First I want to distress them a bit in Photoshop. Here is a couple of samples.....

Maybe when I blog again I will have something finished!! At this rate I'll never get an Etsy site going! But I don't feel stressed like Jim~ my stuff is not things I have to get done so I'm pretty content just creating little bits here and there. One day, I'm sure it will all come together....

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  1. Bless him for working so hard....If it helps I tend to make my pieces about 3 playing cards thick & the bails 4-5 cards thick.
    Nic x


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