Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What an odd day. I feel totally satisfied but don't really know why. I just feel really happy tonight. It really has nothing to do with my job other than the fact I got off an hour earlier than I was suppose too. That was nice. Valentine has been doing great and she was so happy to see me and beg food off me. That is a common thing we have going. I eat and she begs and I give in even though I know better. Once a beggar ALWAYS a beggar. But dang...she is so cute at it! We shared a bag of popcorn while I entertained myself with Facebook & several of my favorite blogs. There are so many create people in this world and it's so cool to hook up with so many of them via blogging. I could enjoy that more if Jim would let me be a stay at home mom to Val. She thinks that is a wonderful idea too. I don't think he is convinced so back to work another day tomorrow and her & I will keep scheming....

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  1. My dog, Mackey would agree with Val - a stay at home doggy owner would be a great "job"! Glad you enjoyed your surprise free time!


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