Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photography Roots run Deep

Both of my beautiful Grandma's are gone now but they have left me with a gift and a love for photography. Neither of them were ever famous photographers. They didn't earn any money taking photos but they managed to take photos when times were tough and when a lot of families in America did not have the money or the means to have pictures taken or the film developed.

They shot photos of people they loved. Often times this involved standing in front of a car or truck as that is most often the "back-drop" for many shots. They also took pictures of their animals and I see that I got my love of animals, most especially dogs, from both of them. There is also landscape photos, which surprises me since both families were poor but still indulged when they were struck by the AWESOMEness of this world.

This picture of my uncle Carl when he was a small boy didn't really strike me as very artistic when I first saw it. Not until I flipped it over and read what my Grandma wrote on the back (see inscription above photo). The more I looked at the photo the more it really grabbed me. I can imagine being her and seeing my child in that calmness of the natural light and feeling that love that only a mother can know. Then I noticed the ART of it.

Make ART, even if it's just a picture. Take pictures, be in pictures and record your lives so that after you are gone other's will still see & feel the ART of your life.


  1. I do have art in my life...most of my favourite ART is in the small glimpses into the perfection of every day life. The sort of little glimpses you give us Stacey
    Love & Light

  2. What a beautiful reminder to savory the simple daily joys of life! As always, thanks for sharing!


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