Friday, December 18, 2009

2nd thoughts

Okay, I'm already having 2nd thoughts on this cookbook project.  I had made 2 batches of dough on Sunday just to press and give as Christmas gifts and they were the worst cookies ever.  For one, they stuck and stuck and stuck!  I was ready to toss the press across the room.!!! And two, they don't taste the greatest. 
just venting!  just venting!  Today's another day, and there will be nothing about cookies in it. 

A Valentine update for you.  She went to see her special Dr. Perkins that does the acupuncture and chiropractic work and Dr. P says that her heart already sounds like it's a grade 2 on one side and 3-4 on the other so her medicine is already helping.  She also suggested that I get beef heart at the store and boil it and then cut it up really fine and give her 2 TBSP a day of that.  YUK!  Suppose to be good for her heart!  Gross, but if it will help her heart, I guess I'll have that nastiness in my kitchen.  ewwww. 

Lastly, where is the dang spell check on this new blog format??? Anyone know?  I desperately need it! 


  1. I'm also wondering what happened to spell check. Don't give up on the cookbook idea yet. However, in my experience, those pressed cookies NEVER work. I'd like to know wh can get them to turn out. Glad to hear about Valentine. Sounds like she gets better every day.

  2. Good to hear that Valentine is doing better. I'm sorry to hear that the cookies are giving you trouble. I haven't baked a single cookie this season and likely won't unless time loosens its grip around my neck. All the snow that's piling up outside has limited me to projects in the house though! No worries though. I don't mind being snowed in at all!


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