Friday, December 11, 2009

Gifts under the Tree.

Valentine's blood work all came back great! She will start her heart medication today. Yeah for that!

Today is my Christmas outing with my girlfriends. We laugh, LOTS, we eat (usually ALOT of that too!) and we shop. We also exchange gifts every year. I love that. I know Christmas is not about the gifts we receive, and I LOVE to give! In fact, I"m disappointed with my family that they all want to nix presents. I don't care if they don't or can't do gifts but I hate it that they are demanding that the rest of us not get them anything. I figure I'm only in my 40's and they are in their 60's-70's and just now not wanting to give gifts. I still have a good 20+ years left! Guess I'll be adopting some needy families or something! My tree will be barren of gifts after today. *sad* Guess that will leave more room for the cats and dog to lay around under there....they do seem to love that.

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