Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love of the tree

Valentine models under the tree, hoping I won't tell you her embarrassing story about the time she pooped under our Christmas tree.

She can't hear anyway so I'll tell you! It was the first year we ever put up a real tree. She must of been about 5 years old. I guess she thought it was pretty great that we were bringing the outdoors in because she just pooped right under our great smelling pine tree! She didn't even get that embarrassed "pooping face" most dogs get when they go. The living room was crowded with the whole family and I don't even think we were even through decorating the tree when she just took the position and let it rip. That was before I was really into photography, and a few years before digital, or I may have taken a picture as evidence. As it was, I couldn't get it cleaned up fast enough! That is the 1st and only time my little gal has ever went #2 in the house!! Knock on wood! It's also the only time we ever had a real tree for Christmas! After she pooped under it, our cats knocked it over on 2 different dates, spilling the water all over the carpet. It's been artificial ever since. Sorry Santa....the pets have been BAD!


  1. Hi Stacy,
    Too funny,..I guess we have all had a "bad" pet. I am glad you stopped in at my blog and left a comment...your friend in Finland ,,, only 2hr. of sun this time of year!,,,sheesh,, I still believe The United States is the best place to live.
    Blessings in your day!

  2. Awww, sweet little Valentine! I put my fresh-cut tree on a table. It keeps it out of reach and means fewer ornaments! It's also a manageable size, which is good, since I'm doing the decorating myself!

  3. Awww Bless the only time I've ever found a story about poop to be cute!
    Valentine looks adorable in that picture
    nic x


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