Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a simple letter would mean....

My good friend's mother Peggy passed away early Saturday morning. Her visitation was last night and my husband and I went. Among some of her framed photos was a framed letter she received from her daughter in law years ago.

The letter was written from the heart. She really went into detail about how much she really liked Peggy. She talked about how Peggy made her feel and how much she appreciated how Peggy made her daughter (Peggy's grandchild)feel. She talked about how she appreciated raising her son to be such a great husband. She talked about how much of a joy Peggy was to be around and how she always wore a smile. She wrote that she believed they would of been friends even if they would of met under different circumstances and she wasn't part of the family. She thanked Peggy from her heart and soul and poured her love out to her on this page, this letter, just because she wanted Peggy to know she liked her. She liked being with her, talking to her, doing stuff with her, being part of her family. She liked her spirit and she loved her like a daughter could love her own mother.

Peggy thought so much of this letter written so many years ago, that she framed it and hung it on the wall so she could read it often. What a treasure! This Christmas season what a wonderful gift this would make for someone you love...a simple letter to let them know you LIKE them and why. Roll it into a scroll and tie it with a pretty ribbon if you want to dress it up a bit. I believe her daughter in law is really happy that she took the time to say back then how great Peggy was and how much she meant to her, especially now that Peggy is in heaven.

If you want to read an awesome love story between husband and wife and a family devoted to God then go to Hit Visit and type in peggywillis. Start at the beginning and read to the end her family's journey thru her illness. You will be amazed and it will open your heart! This woman lived a joyous, happy life and I wish that on anyone reading this today. May we all be so blessed.

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