Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog Crazy

I'm really enjoying this blogging business. Even to say the word blog is fun. I'm a blogger. I have blogged everyday for 12 straight days. And today I have blogged twice! It's fun to think about what am I going to blog about next and collect pictures to upload so I can put up a new blog, giving some a glimpse of my personality. (Too much caffeine today!) All this blogging is making me feel more creative and hopefully that will lead to something good though.

Today was a great day after a very stressful week. My sister & I drove out and met my husband for lunch. Then her & I got lost for a couple of hours running errands. That was even fun, although the roads were bad from the snow and there were a lot of accidents. When we were done with all the "must do's" we went out of our way to get a Frozen Mocha from Panera- Yummy. I don't even like coffee but those are so good & I'm sure so very fattening. (That is why they are a special treat and not gotten very often!) After that we went in this cute store called Il Bel Carrello. I think that means old cart in Italian but I can't remember if that is what the sales lady told me or not? They have a beautiful old cart in the store that was said to have been brought over straight from Italy and is one of only 4 still left in existence from a few centuries back. This photo really does not do it justice! It is so pretty. The store has it covered with items for sale so you can't see the paintings on it very well in this picture. I'll have to go back someday with my real camera (vs. my camera phone) and try to get a more detailed picture. Anyway, the store has some amazing decor and jewelry. I got some really awesome ideas for metal clay and hope to create some initial charms like the one's I seen today. They also have Italian murano glass rings and my sister surprised me and bought me this beautiful blue one. It is hanging on my snail tape dispenser in this photo. (I thought that looked better than a picture of my finger.) The light catches the blue and it is so very pretty. It is not even my birthday she just did it to spoil me. I am so rotten! So many great people in my life.

Who ever may read this please say prayers for my son. Tomorrow he applies for a job as firefighter. He would really fit into that role so well. Thank you! I'm off to blog again soon!

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