Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new day

I felt so much better today and the day was long but a good one. My work at the animal hospital has really slowed down with the economy and all. We are seeing so many more in-heat spays as people are waiting until the last minute because of finances. It's sad & I really pray that Obama can really turn things around for the better. Just one of many prayers!

I thought you all would enjoy seeing a few of the many deer that frequent our property. We love to watch them (and photograph them!) Plus my little dog feels so big & mean when she runs off the "big dogs" as I'm sure that is what she thinks. It's pretty cute to see her strutting back after chasing the deer. I don't let her out to do this on purpose but sometimes I don't see them. They hide themselves well. Tomorrow is one day closer to a day off!!! Always true isn't it?

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