Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am really lucky to have the friends that I have. Some of my best memories include them. The friend that I've had the longest is a girl named Brenda. She is only a year older than me but she was much wiser to the world. The first time I ever saw her she flipped me off. I didn't even know what that meant but could tell it was hostile! But we became best friends! She has been my friend since the summer before 2nd grade. We were VERY creative children. Which could all be topics for other blogs! ha. We live in different states now and I don't see her very often, I don't think we even talk but a couple times a year but that bond is there. We just kinda pick up where we left off. I think I'll give her a call!

I had a couple of friends from "birth", I guess you could say, but have lost touch with them over the years. Their parents and my parents were friends and then when my parents got divorced it made it hard for us kids to keep up with each other. Last time I saw them both I was in my early 20's. If I could see either of them today it would be great! I have a couple of friends from the 4th grade that I still see often and then one from 7th grade that was one of my best buds through out highschool. This is photo of us in 10th grade. We both wish we were still that skinny!They are all a hoot. We laugh so much when we get together. I've lost 3 of my friends. One died of leukemia at the tender age of 22 and the other was murdered a couple years later. The 3rd, I'm ashamed to say, we just had a big falling out and never have recovered from it. I have my friend that is my husband's best friend's wife. We had to learn to be friends since my husband was married before and they were friends with his 1st wife. (They love me now, I'm pretty sure, and visa versa.) This is their picture.

The group I do the most with is a group of girls that I worked (and a few I still work) with.

We try to get together as a group of 6 a couple times a year. But I'm usually always with 1 or 2 or more at least a couple times a month (outside of work) We have had some amazing fun times. We shop alot, we eat alot and we talk/laugh alot!! My co-workers dubbed us the "6 pack" in a sarcastic, jealous way. But we thought it was kinda cute and it stuck. We have taken a few road trips. We stayed the weekend at a lake and rented a pontoon boat for a day-that was a blast. I captained the boat (my first time driving and I did a fab job!)

We have went on float trips and vacations together with our husbands. In '07 we went to Colorado together. All of us made it except for 1.

I take a ton of pictures and I actually made each of them a book. It turned out really cute, although I took some flack about the bathing suit pictures that I included (I thought they were cute!) and so what if I had one underwear can't tell whose butt it was?! Except we all knew because the undies said "excessive talker". :) One of the ladies in our little 6 pack lost her son a few years back. That was a horrible time but it just amazed me how we all gathered around her and tried to support her and be there for her. I know if I face a tragedy that I will be well taken care of until I'm able to take care of myself. I know it tugs her heart still and I can not imagine that kind of loss. It's kinda scary as we get older. Each year I wonder what am I going to face this year? I lost my Grandma last year but she lived to be 93 and I think she was ready. I really miss her. This is her cute picture.
I know that if "God takes you to it, He will take you through it" but it's scary to know all the possibilities. I still have my parents and they are all getting older. My husband, children. And just the idea that I still have my 16 year old dog worries me because she has taken me through so many heartaches that I wonder why I'm still graced with her companionship. What does she have to help me through still? She has absolutely been the greatest girlfriend. I have so much fun with her, I think she makes me giggle every day! I know I have been blessed in many ways and I'm very thankful for all of them...especially for my girlfriends. They keep me young at heart!

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  1. Girlfriends are such a blessing! They make life so much more fun! I wrote about one of my dear friends recently too. I love the charms you are making - they are so creative! What a talent you have!


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