Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have been playing with metal clay since around Dec. 1st. (the above photos are not metal clay, by the way)I really like the possibilities of creating with it, designing my own vision. Someday I'll post some pictures of a few pieces I have made- I don't have a lot done yet though. Lots of ideas! I recently learned of the photo polymer plate process and can not wait to try it. (Like everything else it requires some cash to obtain the necessary supplies, so it'll be awhile!) I love to take photographs and I'm already thinking of what i may photograph to start this plating process. From what I understand you are basically making your own "stamp" so to speak so that when you stamp the clay it leaves an indention of all the raised areas. Neat huh?! The Internet has been a wonderful tool for me to educate myself. I realize it can be a blessing or a curse but right now it was been wonderful for me. I have really learned so much and found so many things that inspire me. I really like this one website called . She is very, very creative and I admire her work so much (see pictures above.) I purchased her book on soldering several months back and then looked up her website from the info her book gave. She has a blog and her most recent entry said, "Sometimes it's fun to see into the lives and lifestyles of others. Like taking walks in the evening, when peering into windows is easiest. Not to see people (I promise), but to look at the decorating!". When I read that I realized that is why I enjoy blogging and reading other people's blogs. It's like peering into the windows and getting ideas for your own life. In turn I'm allowing a small part of me to be revealed to others and hope that they may get something meaningful from it. On her blog she had a list of her favorite sites to visit and I had to look to see WHO inspires someone already so artful and creative?! It was neat and I could see where she gets some of her ideas. I have been doing quite a bit of soul searching this week and have jotted down a few inspiring words. I really like this one by Noah ben Shea: In your life, you are the paint, the painter, and the painting. I still don't know exactly what I'm headed for but I keep smiling! At least my painting will have that...a great big SMILE. :)

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