Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm not feeling the best today. Upper respiratory crud- thought I'd missed it as most everyone I work with has had it but then it got me! So now the only thing I'm missing is my Zumba exercise class tonight! I certainly do not feel like doing much so my new blog is going to suffer. I ordered some new PMC (silver) & it should be arriving any day now. I'm sure that will motivate me to experiment some more with that. I also have a soldered charm to make for a friend. In the meantime I'm just resting and hoping that I'll be over this bad cold by tomorrow...wishful thinking!! Some chicken pot pie and hot tea should have me fixed right up. I hope to post some more pictures soon. Here are a couple of my soldered creations.


  1. Hi! You were the first person (besides my mom...) to read my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Best of luck with your blog - I think you'll find it rewarding. Take Care!

  2. Robin says you are awesome !


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