Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm up early just pondering. I'd love to go on a photo safari. The Smokey Mountains, the farms in the upper Midwest, wildlife, my old childhood haunts, dirt roads, sunsets, sunrises, oceans, old boats, trees & plants, smiling dogs, people with character; Just anything that strikes my fancy. I love the digital camera and how you can just snap, snap, snap and it doesn't cost any money. I remember as a small child I took a whole roll of 125 film on my cat Lamar. My mom had a fit when she developed it and found 28 cat pictures from all different angles. She said she never would of paid for that if she would have known it was all "the cat" and I felt bad that I had wasted their money when it was so hard to come by. Of course, as a child I didn't really understand that it cost money to get pictures until that day. But I do still have some of those Lamar pics and I remember how much fun I had taking them and I wouldn't trade that memory for any amount of money. Now I have 1000's of pictures that I consider ART! And I had a ball taking them too! I'm really pretty spoiled, I have way more than I deserve & I have an amazing life. I have much to be thankful for and I am very grateful.

I know today will be a good day. I'm off work, my hubby is off work and today is his birthday. It's very, very cold today but it looks to be a sunny one. I found a great job ad for my son that I think he will be very excited about. He has often talked about becoming a fireman and there is an excellent opportunity right now in our local area. Now if only our daughter could find work somewhere out there before she loses everything she has.... not a good time to be unemployed. Keep my 3 kids in your prayers as they grow and find their way. May we all find happiness in all we do. God Bless and enjoy the day!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! I agree, photography is such an outlet and memory maker. I hope your day is wonderful!


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