Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clifford and me

Last night we helped my work with an event to raise money for a local dog park. They had the search and rescue dogs there & face painting and our hospital held a raffle and we did free pictures with Clifford. At the last minute our person who was to be Clifford cancelled. I was asked to take photos of people with Clifford (so I couldn't also be Clifford!) and without asking him ahead of time, I volunteered my husband. oops! He panicked at first at the thought of it, which was pretty funny in its-self. I knew he would have fun with it though so I kept begging him to do it and he did. He was dancing around and playing jokes on people. Once he got into costume he did a fab job!! This is me hugging my Clifford. :)

Yesterday was a fun day. Besides the whole Clifford ordeal, I got up early and went to an auction with one of my best buds. It was held in a very small town not far from where I live. Usually when they have auctions there the items go very cheap and yesterday was certainly the case! I think I counted about 52 people total in attendance in the afternoon. If I could ever get the finances, knowledge (and the NERVE) to open my own little store, I would of been able to really get some deals yesterday. My friend got a beautiful silver Christmas tree for $25 and the color wheel for $2! I got some antique jewelry for $6 for the whole lot. I don't know what I'm going to do with it all yet but it's fun to think about. I'll post any creations I come up with. Unfortunately, money is tight right now so I didn't get to really splurge and purchase the couple of things I really wanted. They went really cheap too! Both the dog picture & the orange flower picture went for around $17!! (I wanted the dog picture and I wanted to give the orange flowers to my sister who loves to decorate with the color orange.) There was a couple of dealers there buying the stuff up. I went just for the fun of going and to nickle & dime it.

I would like to have my own little shop someday. Take a little bit of old stuff mix with new for home decor. And I'd like to have my own creations for sale as I dabble in about everything including a small part of the store for photography fun. Have a few props and just take some photos at certain times of the year for holidays, etc. I could change the room accordingly. Of course, my store would have to have a lot merchandise relating to animals too. And my dream is that while I'm sitting in my store waiting for customers to come in I can be working on my art. Filling orders from on-line or whatever. Maybe one day. It's always good to have dreams.

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