Monday, January 26, 2009

Creating with PMC

Yesterday I played with PMC. I was very happy with the jewelry I made, esp. since this is only the 3rd time I have ever done anything with it! The Yahoo PMC group has really helped me out with the learning curve. The 2 photos above is the clay in the drying stage. The photo to the right is the finished process after patina. (I didn't torch the smallest charm yet because I'm not happy with it.) I made a bracelet by using the oval floral trinket that you see on the coffee cup. I attached it to a piece of the army green auction belt that I cut apart from last weekend's auction. I had to solder the end to make a clasp. It's alittle "chunky" for my taste but maybe someone will like it.... I need to save more money now so I can make some more! Have to support my habit!

I think I like creating things because it totally occupies my mind. I don't think of anything else while I'm working expect the piece I'm working on. Well, I'm forced to think of my animals because they are always trying to help. Here they are supervising!

The bully- even picks on me! ALI- 8 years old Old grouch-Missy 16+ years Best Boss ever-Valentine 16 years
Anyway, it's a great escape so I guess it really is a "habit". Just a good one! :) Who knows where all this will go someday? It's fun to dream and think about it though.

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