Friday, January 9, 2009

Clint Eastwood

We are going to the movies tonight to see Gran Torino. I grew up watching Clint Eastwood so I'm a huge fan. I even wrote in my 2nd grade diary that I was going to marry a man that looked like Clint Eastwood! ha I dated a guy once that looked very similar to him from his westerns but marriage was not in the cards for us. My hubby actually looks alot like Tom Cruise, (with alittle less hair now that he is "maturing") but he is very handsome, at least I think.
I went back to the library today and checked out some more inspiring books. I have 30 days before they are all due back so I'll have to pick a day and get started (or take some really good notes). I checked out Irina Miech's Metal Clay for beaders. It is awesome with great pictures and directions that explain everything so well. I'm personally not a beader- I've tried it & never really enjoyed it. But she has some great metal clay projects in this book. I still need to buy a few supplies before I can make some of them. A ring mandrel for one. I do not have a kiln either but may never decide to get one. I think I'd like to purchase some ZC also to embellish some charms. So many ideas.... We had a very beautiful day today for January Missouri weather! It felt like 80 although I know that it was not. My little dog kept wanting to run in & out. She peaks in the little window beside our door and I think it's adorable so I took a pic. I just love her! So darn cute!

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  1. The movie rocked. It was funny, sad & a bit true to reality. I loved the song at the end too-


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