Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I remember

This is a writing exercise. You start off with I remember. Make a sentence. Then begin another with I remember. Write what comes to mind. Try it! Here are a few things I remember:
  • I remember getting into an old cellar during a tornado in Kansas, and being more scared of the cellar than the storm.

  • I remember playing Barbies with my sister Shannon.

  • I remember teasing my sister Debbie.

  • I remember having lots different cats. "every life should have 9 cats"
  • I'm in the striped dress, then my older sister Debbie is in the middle and youngest sister Shannon on end.

  • I remember the awe and wonder of having a baby.

  • I remember being scared he would have my ugly feet and his dad's big nose.

  • I remember being a single mother for many years.

  • I remember swinging.
  • I remember seeing my Mom cry.
  • I remember my dad teaching me to paint.

  • I remember watching my older sister get on the school bus and wishing I could go.

  • I remember wondering what would happen if I swallowed a penny and then doing it.

  • I remember the tick tree in my Grandpa's pasture.

  • I remember my first real kiss.

  • I remember seeing the ocean for the first time.

  • I remember the excitement of my wedding day.

  • I remember the excitement of owning my first home.

  • I remember feeling fat when I know now I was skinny.

  • I remember the times Grandma Lou would put special treats on my car when I had my first apartment and how special it made my son and I feel.

  • I remember losing a friend to cancer.

  • I remember losing a friend to murder.

  • I remember my 40th birthday. It was great!

  • I remember carrying groceries up 3 flights of stairs and my 3 year old helping me.

  • I remember carrying laundry down 4 flights of stairs to the basement, hoping to get back to my apartment before my toddler woke up. (Not something I would ever do over if I had the chance)

  • I remember getting pulled over by the police (alot!)

  • I remember getting lots of speeding tickets. I don't know if I really drive slower now or I'm just not as cute & "noticeable" :)

  • I remember the long drives in my dad's GTO.

  • I remember pretending to be asleep after those long drives so my dad would carry me in the house.

  • I remember my first dog. His name was Buddy. My dad got him from a guy he worked with and we went to pick him up in the GTO. Buddy rode in the backseat with us girls and we petted him all the way home. When we got to our house the palm of our little hands was completely black!

  • I remember catching tad poles and wading in the creek.

  • I remember learning to water ski

  • I remember the first time I rode a jet ski

  • I remember learning to scuba dive, getting certified at age 15 and then never doing it. Getting recertified at age 40 and now a little scared to do it.

  • I remember seeing my husband when he wasn't my husband and wishing he was my husband. We went to HS together but never really knew each other too well or was remotely interested in one another. Then after his failed married at a young age and my failed relationship with my HS sweetheart we reconnected at our 5 year reunion and began dating. The first time I saw him walk down the hill at that reunion I wished he & his 2 little children could be mine. I pretty much got my wish! That is definitely a blog for another time! And I think I'll end this exercise on that note!


  1. I love this exercise! I think I'm going to try it on my blog. Thanks for sharing. I don't know if you enjoy reading but another blogging friend of mine challanged me to post a list of 5 favorite books, ask other's to do it on their blogs then link our blogs to each other. If your interested we'd love to include you!

  2. Karri, I'm not sure I know how to link & such. I'll see what I can figure out. :)


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