Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Day of January!

One month of the new year is coming to an end. I have a feeling this and every other year after this one will just go by faster & faster. I remember being young and it seemed the days just went on and on! Seemed like I would never grow up and now I look back and wonder where that girl is. I don't feel my age at all (well, maybe when I first crawl out of bed!).

I'm going to try to focus on some highlights for the month. When I first began that paragraph I had written that I really couldn't think of any but then felt really ungrateful, so I erased and started over. So let me dig deep. It was not a total wash...

My husband did get a nice bonus this month (that we were counting on alittle too much.)
We were all pretty healthy this month despite a few colds & upset stomachs.
My oldest son is still employed...hold your breath!
My youngest son is doing AWESOME on his job.
My daughter has not moved back home....again, hold your breath!
I started doing a weight lifting routine with my hubby so we could get in better shape.
I got together with my friends a couple times this month.
My little dog got a haircut this month.
My hubby was a cute Clifford for a night.
We bought a new car that gets better gas mileage.
The economy has not had too much effect on our jobs..yet anyway.
We refinanced our home this month at 4.25% interest!
I made some cool jewelry this month and was able to buy some supplies.
My hubby had a birthday this month.
My dog had a birthday this month.
I got to see a Clint Eastwood movie this month :)
I got to see my in-laws early in the month. (they moved out of town so we don't see them often)
I spent a fun filled day with my sister Shannon.
I made it to church once this month.
My facebook friends are growing and growing.
I'm writing again.
We have a roof over our heads & food in our pantry & we are warm!

I hope I can have a longer list in February!

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