Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today I went to the library after work and got a few books on metal jewelry/crafts. There is a really awesome solder book out called Simple Soldered Jewelry & Accessories by Lisa Bluhm. I can't wait until my day off to try a few of her techniques. I didn't have a lot of time so I just strolled the isle to find something interesting. I'd like to go back and check the card cat. for anything on PMC. There was a great book at Barnes & Nobel but I didn't have the extra $25 to splurge on it.
This charm is made using my great-great grandmother's antique lace. She was a short lady and had cut off the bottom of a skirt with this beautiful eyelet material and my Grandma saved it her whole life. She died a year ago so I made my Mom a few of these charms. I need to get my supplies back out and get busy and quit spending so much time on this computer!!

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  1. What a special way to preserve your grandmother's lace! Great idea!


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